March 1st, 2017

Daylight Savings BACON! An easy way to remember to check your smoke alarms and recycle those old batteries at London Drugs.

People like bacon a lot more than they like maintaining smoke alarms. So at daylight savings time, while we spring ahead, think BACON and remember to test your smoke detectors, change the batteries and recycle at London Drugs. Not only does your local LD store take back all types of alkaline and rechargeable batteries, we can also safely recycle your old smoke alarm if it fails the test. (This is especially important as smoke alarms can actually contain small amounts of radioactive material)

Then, treat yourself to… BACON! (Extra crispy!)


June 22nd, 2016

London Drugs Gibsons celebrates Green Living at the 2016 Gibsons Home & Garden Expo

London Drugs Gibson Home Show Pano

– By Chris Odgaard, Manager, London Drugs Gibsons

On Saturday, June 18th the LD Gibsons team attended the 2016 Gibsons Home and Garden Expo at the Gibsons Community Centre. The theme for this year’s show was ‘Sustainable Living, Green Future’ so it was a great opportunity to showcase our What’s the Green Deal sustainability program.

Kirsten from Webber Natirals

Kristin from Webber Naturals was a hit!

We themed our booth, ‘Better Choices for Better Living’. This allowed us to touch on the many better consumer offerings we highlight in our stores with the Green Deal signage.  We also brought along Kristin, a nutritionist from Webber Naturals, to help us talk about some of our health-related products and services.

The show was PACKED and we spoke to a lot of people about our Green Deal programs and products. It was a good opportunity to get feedback directly from customers, and response was extremely positive. Kristin, our Webber Nutritionist was extremely popular at the event and told us that this was the first event she had ever attended where she actually ran out of ballots for her gift basket draw!

We had other vendors support us with handouts and educational materials as well. Thanks to Tri-Mor/Hamilton Beach, Tree of Life for the Nakd Bars, Jamieson for the Gift Basket and Vega for the samples and literature.

Thanks also to Cathy Kovacs (Assistant Store Manager) and MariAnn Ostrosky (Supervisor) for planning and participating in the event, as well as Maury McCausland (Sustainability Coordinator), Lorne Craig (our Green Deal blogger), and Shelley Engelhardt (Marketing) for their help.

Based on our experience, we will definitely look at doing this again next year.

London Drugs booth at Gibsons Home and Garden Show

Many customers were surprised to learn about our many greener choice products.

November 5th, 2015

Congratulations to London Drugs’ Sustainability Vendor Partner of the Year for 2015 – There’s a Method to their Green-ness!

The Green Deal team was front and center at the Annual London Drugs Partnership Show in Toronto this week, as Clint Mahlman and the executive announced our first ever Sustainability Vendor of the Year.

It was a tough choice, as so many of our Green Deal product suppliers have amazing stories to tell, and are making real change in the retail landscape.

Method products took home the honours, with their cleaner ingredients, recycled packaging, B-Corporation status and LEED Platinum factory.


We shared the LD event trailer with the Method folks, and got to watch the video featuring their new ‘Soap Box’ facility, recently built in South Chicago.

Of course, this won’t be our last sustainability award, so we hope our Green Deal shoppers, vendors and partners continue to weigh in on the stories and priorities that matter most to them.

Congratulations, Method! You are the REAL Green Deal!

Green Deal Sustainability Consultant Lorne Craig with the Community Events Trailer at the 2015 London Drugs Partnership Show

Green Deal Sustainability Consultant Lorne Craig with the Community Events Trailer at the 2015 London Drugs Partnership Show

June 5th, 2015

Watering your garden with the kids’ used bathwater? That’s a Green Hero! Congratulations to winner: Jeff Stransky!

Jeff_S_200x150London Drugs and 660News asked Calgarians to nominate individuals who take recycling beyond the blue bin. Recycling and being green can be a thankless job. We think people who go take the extra time to make green choices deserve some recognition.

Lise Stransky nominated Jeff.  Here’s what she wrote:

Jeff is one of my roommates (okay, full disclosure, he is also my husband), He is very quiet about his green ways, but his actions and choices have a huge impact. Here are a few reasons why he is my Green Hero:

  • He is passionate about composting. He manages two earth bins in our backyard, making sure all our compostable materials are returned to our yard.
  • He rides his bike, takes the bus, or runs to and from work.
  • He uses a handkerchief instead of kleenex.
  • He doesn’t just recycle. He re-purposes and reuses as much as he can. Gum containers, peanut butter jars. boxes and bread bags are all diverted from the recycling bin and given new lives in his work room. He has been known to cut up his old clothes for use as cleaning rags.
  • He quietly goes through our recycling bin and garbage to double check that I haven’t put anything in there that doesn’t belong (or can be re-purposed – see above)
  • He uses a weed puller instead of chemicals to pull out dandelions.
  • He advocated for a manual lawnmower instead of an electric or gas lawn mower.
  • He buys used instead of new whenever he can.
  • He questions products that claim to be green, researching them to ensure they live up to what they claim.
  • He avoids chemicals, and shaves with a razor and chemical free soap.
  • He helped champion the removal of Keurig cups at his work, supporting a greener alternative.
  • He has the Environmental Working group app on his phone, so he can check the chemical levels and safety of products before we buy them, including sunscreen, lotion and vegetables
  • Finally, he rescues the bathwater from our sons’ baths for use in the garden, hauling it outside from the tub in huge pails in order to water our veggies.
  • He is committed to living with a small footprint and minimally impacting our earth so it remains healthy for generations to come.Wow!   Way to go Jeff!  Thanks for being a Green Hero!

    And a BIG “thank you” to all who submitted their Green Hero nominees!

April 15th, 2015

London Drugs hosts Victoria Take Back Weekend at Tillicum Location


Kick spring cleaning into gear with London Drugs’ Victoria Take Back Weekend happening Saturday, April 25 through Sunday, April 26. To celebrate #EarthMonth, London Drugs is encouraging customers to stop by its Tillicum Centre location to drop off recyclables as part of their Green Deal recycling program.

With a goal to increase waste diversion to 95% by December, London Drugs’ recycling program doesn’t stop at cardboards and plastics. The Green Deal recycling program accepts ink cartridges, Brita water filters, electronics, light bulbs, batteries, cell phones and more. Customers cleaning out their households this spring can drop off their recyclables at the Tillicum Road London Drugs, where a trailer in the parking lot will await the items.

WHAT: London Drugs Victoria Take Back Weekend

WHERE: London Drugs on 3170 Tillicum Road, Victoria, BC

WHEN: Saturday, April 25, 2015 and Sunday, April 26, 2015 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

For more information about what can be recycled at Victoria’s Take Back Weekend, visit the London Drugs Green Deal blog at

November 24th, 2014

How a Better Warranty Can Help Reduce Waste

protection-planWhen we think about the life cycle of products, the idea of a warranty is not necessarily the first thing we consider. Yet a good protection package can actually keep things out of the recycling system (or worse, the landfill!)
Here’s how: If a product stops working and the manufacturer’s warranty has expired, most consumers have little choice but to recycle it. BUT, if an extended warranty has been purchased for the product, the customer returns it, and that product is evaluated for repair. If it can be fixed, everyone wins. The customer has a working product again and our recycling systems and waste streams are spared some extra burden.
If it’s un-repairable, then the customer gets a replacement and the faulty product is put directly into recycling, avoiding the possibility of landfill disposal.
So consider warranty protection for your next important purchase. You just might be protecting more than your product.

November 16th, 2014

Saskatchewan Waste Reduction Council blogs about London Drugs


It’s a blog-eat-blog world out there, but when we get recognition from our good friends at the Saskatchewan Waste Reduction Council, we have to say ‘thanks’.
Our small appliance recycling drop-off program was beautifully described by writer Naomi Mihilewicz in the Green Living Blog;
“Our household has taken many things back to (London Drugs): a dead toaster; a cordless beard trimmer that went for a swim (thanks to a certain toddler); even an old microwave from a stable where I used to ride. The best part? It costs nothing to drop it off.”
Thanks for helping spread the good green word!
You can check out more cool articles on this informative and well-written blog here.

October 28th, 2014

London Drugs was named a Winner in the 2014 Power Smart Excellence Awards, Regional Retailer category

PSEA_Joanna Sofield-DennisDong

It always feels good to be recognized, especially when it’s all about saving energy.
The 2014 BC Hydro Power Smart Excellence Award Winners were announced in October during Power Smart Month, and London Drugs was pleased to be called to the podium for the Regional Retailer award.
London Drugs Marketing Manager Dennis Dong accepted the award from Joanna Sofield, General Manager of Power Smart.
“Energy conservation is a cost-effective long-term business approach,” said Sofield,  “Our winners have made energy management solutions a regular part of their operations because saving energy means saving money. That makes solid business sense.”
The Power Smart Excellence Awards is a biennial recognition program that recognizes BC Hydro’s business customers and partners who demonstrate best-in-class energy management and conservation. The 2014 Power Smart Excellence Awards honour nominees from a range of categories including: Outstanding Energy Efficiency Project, Energy Manager, New Construction, Conservation Awareness and Engagement as well as National and Regional Retailer.


July 17th, 2014

Greenest Stampede Breakfast on Earth: 89% of waste diverted from landfills!

Waste diversion was up 10% over last year even as event attendance was up 25%

Waste diversion was up 10% over last year even as event attendance was up 25%

For the second year in a row, London Drugs has partnered with Green Calgary and Rocky Ridge Royal Oak Community Association (RRROCA) to green its annual community Stampede breakfast. At last year’s breakfast, which saw over 2,300 guests, over 79% of waste was diverted. This year the event drew over 3,000 guests and 89% of waste was diverted from landfills through reducing, recycling, and composting strategies.

Way to go, pardners! You’re the REAL Green Stampede Deal!

March 20th, 2014

Spring Composting Tips

Photo: istock - SylvieBouchard

Photo: istock – SylvieBouchard

If you have a compost bin in your yard, congratulations! You are helping divert waste from the landfill. And now, you can help your lawns and gardens at the same time. So as the weather heats up, here are a few earth-friendly thoughts to keep the compost love alive.

1) Spring compost bin need some work?
 Is it too wet? – Turn your pile, add dry (brown) material, and cover. You can also add strips of newspaper to help absorb the moisture.
Is it too dry? – turn, add water (or green material), and mix thoroughly
If it’s not heating up – If the pile is damp and sweet smelling but not heating up, try adding green material (nitrogen), like fruit and vegetable scraps or green grass clippings.

2) If you don’t have a compost bin, spring is a great time to start one!
 Contact your local garden centre or municipality to find out more. By next spring you could have your own fertilizer ready for the garden.

3) You can even compost without a back yard, with Vermicomposting systems.
 Worms love to eat kitchen waste, and its easier than ever to get a small bin started on your balcony, or even in your kitchen!

Sureclose Foodscraps Container4) Keep your kitchen scraps happy – and smell-free! The Sureclose Foodscrap Container really helps gather those scraps in the kitchen. It allows just the right amount of air circulation to keep the odours down in between dumpings.

5) Spring is one of the the best times to apply compost to your home garden. 
It can enrich soil low in nutrients or restore fertile soil. For new garden beds or lawns, some garden websites advise giving your compost-infused soil a couple of weeks to acclimate before planting. It’s important to bend the compost into the soil without damaging the microbes and worms already at work there. Maintaining an existing garden bed may require less than a quarter inch of compost. You don’t need too much of a good thing!

Find out more with these links:
Composting Council of Canada
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Alberta Vermicomposting

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