April 21st, 2020

How do you recycle when you can’t recycle?
 5 tips for responsibly reducing waste while isolating at home.


We all know how important it is to stay home and ‘flatten the curve’ of the 2020 Covid-19 pandemic. Many curbside recycling programs are still operating, but other drop-off points, such as the London Drugs in-store recycling program, are NOT currently taking back materials. So how can you responsibly manage your recycling while maintaining good isolation practice? Here are 5 tips:

1. Check Your Local Waste Services Website for Covid-19 updates
. This is where you will see the hours and policies for your curbside service and depots. Here are some links to major municipalities in Western Canada:

2. Update your Home Recycling Zone
. Choose an area of your home that is not in the way, but is easy enough to get to to be convenient. If you just have a small apartment, consider dedicating part of a closet floor or cupboard to the task. A mat or carpet tiles on the floor will help contain any spills, and a pegboard, hooks or hanging rack can offer more vertical storage space.

Here’s a video from 2019 with some great home recycling zone update ideas!

3. Choose a Bin System and Label It
. You can repurpose old containers or buckets, but a set of stackable containers or matching baskets can help the recycling zone feel like part of your home. (Using a set of bags can be a good choice for smaller spaces.) Use stickers or permanent marker to indicate which streams of recycling go where. You can also conceal your recycling bins in one decorator basket, box or cupboard. (Just make sure the whole family knows where it is!)

Update your home recycling area with London Drugs

Neatfreak Bins and Shelf shown, with London Drugs Compost Container.

4. Designate a bin for ‘Other’ Recyclable Materials. 
When your London Drugs in-store Recycling Centre opens up again, we look forward to taking your light bulbs, batteries, styrofoam, soft plastics, and more. Until then, please don’t throw them away! Use zip lock type bags to protect light bulbs and batteries. Designate a box for old cables and chargers, electronics and small appliances. And NEVER throw away old laptops or other data carrying devices. When we resume our recycling, London Drugs Tech Department will continue to offer Data Secure Recycling services.

Store recycling that you can take to London Drugs like batteries, light bulbs, electronics and more.

Store your London Drugs recyclables until in-store recycling opens up again.

Get Creative with Labels, Craft Projects and Celebrate (at home of course!)
 If you like to decorate, make the recycling area a beautiful and functional part of your home. And get the kids involved! From low, labeled baskets to fun signs and bright colours, recycling can be beautiful. 
Then gather your household together and proudly welcome your new recycling zone! Make sure everybody knows what goes where. Recycling is a team sport! Maybe you’ll even invent the next viral dance move.

Making recycling labels at home

Home Recycling Dance Party! (Household Members Only! Practice the Safe Distancing Dance!)

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