September 11th, 2013

Making new printer cartridges out of old ones. How HP closes the loop on printer cartridge manufacturing.

What happens to all those little printer cartridges that you bring back to London Drugs for recycling? It’s hard to imagine taking them all apart and making new ones out of the raw material, but in HP’s case (at least with some of the cartridges returned) that’s exactly what they do! Check out the video to see the process in action.

Through their Planet Partners initiative, HP offers free cartridge return and recycling in over 50 countries worldwide. Cartridges are sent to regional HP Planet Partners plants, sorted and prepared for recycling. This can involve shredding or disassembly – a new innovation for HP. Labels, lids, foam, metal and plastic bodies are separated. Metals can be smelted and reused and plastics become raw material for new cartridges.

Last year alone, HP used 15 million lbs of recycled plastic to manufacture new cartridges – from those returned to HP Planet partners, plus other sources like water bottles. Since 1997 more than 210 million HP cartridges have been returned for recycling, and HP has produced more than 1 billion cartridges using recycled material, including 1.5 billion recycled water bottles. Visit the HP website to find out more.

No matter what kind of cartridges you use, please return them to London Drugs for recycling. Because, as HP says, protecting the environment is everyone’s responsibility.

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