February 11th, 2014

Be my Green Valentine.

A Green Valentine's Day Poem

Roses are red
Recycling is green
Will you make my Valentines
A sustainable scene?

I’ll hand feed you chocolate
Every nibble Fair Trade
Brew organic coffee
Before the bed’s made

We’ll cook veggie dinners
And compost each night
Recharge our batteries
Under LED lights

When we move in
And need things for our home
I’ll take back the packaging
Even the dang Styrofoam

Old gadgets and computers
Won’t clutter our space
I’ll take them for recycling
To a responsible place

And years down the road
When our meds all expire
They’ll go back to the pharmacy
So the fish don’t get higher

Now that you know
just how I feel
Tell me our love
Is the real Green Deal

Then let’s share the earth
We don’t need to abuse it
I’ll give you my heart
If you say you’ll reuse it
L.S. Craig

4 Responses to “Be my Green Valentine.”

  1. Tina

    This is really good. Thanks for sharing this. I didn’t know LD took packaging back.

  2. Jax

    Nice job <3

  3. Eroca Brawne

    Brilliant as usual Lorne!

  4. Sharon Craig

    Always close to my heart!
    Red, green, blue –
    Great messaging to remind us
    that all the bits help!

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