Batteries & Cell Phones

Batteries and cell phones are collected at London Drugs through a program operated by Call2Recycle™ – a free battery and cell phone collection program funded by product manufacturers.

Battery Recycling Program

Both rechargeable and single-use batteries may be dropped off at your local London Drugs.   Collected items are then shipped to Call2Recycle partners, such as Retriev Technologies, Newalta and Laurentide Re-Sources. These partners record details about the weight and battery types of the shipment, then separate the batteries by chemistry. Cellphones are sent to the The Wireless Alliance for recycling.

Specific chemistry batteries are shipped to appropriate specialty processors. The processors extract usable chemicals and metals to be used in the manufacture of new products. Cellphones are either refurbished and resold or recycled, with the proceeds used to fund the cellphone collection program and educational outreach. Waste products are responsibly and safely disposed of according to Responsible Recycling (R2) and Basel Action Network (BAN) standards. All recycling occurs in North America, and nothing is disposed of in a landfill. No waste materials from the recycling process are exported out of the country.

For more information, call 1-888-224-9764 or visit

Incipio Phone & Tablet Case Recovery Program

Keep your old phone and tablet cases out of the landfill. Bring them to your local London Drugs and drop them in the Incipio collection box, located in the Tech Department, near the mobile phone section.

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