Batteries & Cell Phones

Batteries and cell phones are collected at London Drugs through a program operated by Call2Recycle™ – a free battery and cell phone collection program funded by product manufacturers.

Battery Recycling Program

Both rechargeable and single-use batteries may be dropped off at your local London Drugs. Lithium Ion batteries (one of the more common rechargeable types) are sent to Toxco, in Trail, BC, for safe remote-control processing, and the recovered lithium converted to lithium carbonate for reuse. Metals recovered from other battery types include nickel, iron, cadmium, lead, and cobalt. Plastic casings and other scrap are converted to energy.

Alkaline batteries are recycled at Inmetco, in Pennsylvania, USA, using a High Temperature Metals Recovery Process (HTMR) obtaining an overall material recovery rate of 83%. Metals recovered include Iron, Nickel, Manganese, Copper, and Zinc. Ni-CAD, Ni-MH and Ni-Zn batteries are also processed at Inmetco.

Cell Phone Recycling

All over Canada, millions of old cell phones sit in drawers, because we think they may get used again. Why not get rid of the clutter responsibly and bring them in to London Drugs? Through Call2Recycle, Cell phones are shipped to Wireless Alliance in Boulder, Colorado, USA. When possible, old cell phones are refurbished and/or resold. (When resold, a portion of the proceeds are donated to select charities) The remainder are recycled, so none of the broken-down material makes its way into landfills.

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