London Drugs Stats

Some of our recycling, by the numbers.

We have been recycling and tracking our waste diversion, at every London Drugs store, for over 10 years now.  It’s amazing what working together with our employees, customers and recycling partners can achieve!

In 10 years we have recycled over 113 Million pounds.

That’s enough to fill two container ships. Or a freight train 12 kilometers long. Everything from cardboard to batteries to laptops to Styrofoam. That’s a lot of waste kept out of landfill.

Waste Diversion Rate

We track all recycling weights, by material, at all of our stores. Our stores now average 93.9% waste diversion. (2017) We’re going to keep trying to better that total.


Here’s what we recycle in just one year:

Looking at statistics from just one year (2017) lets us see just how much of a difference we can make on an ongoing basis.

Over 42,000 pounds of fluorescent lights

With our partners, LightRecycle, we help keep mercury and other toxins out of landfill.


Over 120,000 pounds of batteries

With Call2Recycle, customers can drop off all sorts of alkaline and rechargeable batteries. And they really add up.


Over 3700 pounds of cell phones

That’s equivalent to the weight of a hippopotamus!


Thanks to everyone who recycles at London Drugs, and helps make a difference in communities across Western Canada.