Bring Back the Pack

Don't Forget to bring back the packAs part of our commitment to reduce waste, London Drugs takes back your packaging from any product we sell in our stores – whether it’s a tube of sunscreen, or a flat-screen TV. From plastic packs to cardboard, plastic wrap and even Styrofoam, just bring the packaging to Customer Service and we’ll take care of it.

We collect all of our recycling centrally, and send it to local facilities for responsible processing. It’s easier on landfills, convenient for our customers and better for the environment.

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What happens to our packaging recycling?

Mixed plastics, soft plastics, cardboard and medication containers are sent to Cascades Recovery, for sorting and processing to ship and sell as commodities for remanufacture.

Styrofoam is processed at FOAM Only, in Coquitlam, BC, where it is compressed into shippable styrene for remanufacture.