Electronics Recycling

Electronic waste is a huge landfill problem, but it need not be! If you have an old computer, monitor, printer, TV, VCR, disc player, speakers, even wiring – you can just bring it to us. We will recycle it responsibly. All electronic products are recycled back to their basic components, and London Drugs works diligently to ensure that our electronic recyclables are not shipped to sub-standard offshore facilities.

VHS Tape & Recordable Media Recycling

London Drugs accepts VHS Tapes and other recordable media for recycling. (Maximum 16 per visit, with purchase.*) We are pleased to announce we are now able to offer our customers drop-off recycling for virtually all recordable media or media storage devices that London Drugs sells. Simply bring your tapes and media (maximum 16 items) to your local London Drugs Customer Service counter along with your receipt for purchase of like or new items.*

*As we cannot accept unlimited amounts of material, we must limit our take-back to 16 items with the purchase of like or new items at our stores. This limit will help us offer this recycling service to more customers, rather than just to a few who bring in excess material.

Data Destruction

We are one of the only computer recycling options where your valuable personal data is protected. We track and monitor all recycling to ensure all drives are completely destroyed before any materials are shipped. So your data won’t fall into the wrong hands and your computer won’t add to the landfill.

Free Geek

Stop Computer Abandonment! London Drugs in cooperation with Free Geek rescues your reusable computers.

If you have a working computer, 4 years old or less, that you want to get rid of, please don’t put it out on the street! Bring it to us.

We are accepting reusable computers, flat screen monitors or laptops and donating them to Free Geek, an amazing community organization that puts reuse BEFORE recycling.

Free Geek provides job skills training, Internet access and free or low cost computers to the public. Volunteers pitch in to help test, refurbish or dismantle unwanted computer equipment donated by the public. Free computers are distributed to volunteers and other non-profits and Free Geek supports its activities through computer thrift store and recycling revenue.

We still accept non-working computers, electronics and appliances for recycling as well.

For more information on Free Geek: freegeekvancouver.org

If you believe in keeping e-waste out of landfills and improving access to technology for all, shop at London Drugs.