September 27th, 2023

Keeping Other Flexible Plastic Packaging Out of Landfill in BC – 
5 Things You Need to Know

Sustainable recycling flexible plastic packaging


London Drugs stores in BC accept Flexible Plastic Packaging as part of RecycleBC’s new take back program. More and more packaging of this type is in our shopping cart and cupboards. Now you can keep it out of landfills.
Here’s what you need to know when you drop by your local BC London Drugs store with your Flexible Plastic Packaging recycling:

1. What is ‘Flexible Plastic Packaging’?
This program covers a LOT of bag and package types. The basic accepted types are:

  • Plastic Bags
  • Outer Bags and Overwrap
  • Crinkly Wrappers and Bags
  • Zipper-Lock and Stand-Up Pouches
  • Flexible Packaging with Plastic Seal
  • Woven Plastic Bags
  • Protective and Squishy Cushion Packaging
  • Empty Bags / Remove Non-Plastic Items

Recycle BC accepted plastics

See a more complete list below or go to RecycleBC for more info.

2. What is NOT accepted in this program?

  • NO Plastic-lined paper (or paper-lined plastic!)
  • NO biodegradable or oxo plastics
  • NO PVC or vinyl
  • NO 6-pack rings
  • NO Plastic strapping

3. Why so picky about what’s accepted?
To ensure efficient recycling, it really helps to have as pure a stream as possible of the right materials. Non-accepted items can make it difficult to identify recyclable plastics and may even clog up machinery.

4. What happens to the material collected?
The Recycle BC plastics end market is now making a recycled plastic pellet from the Other Flexible Plastic Packaging collected. This is a step up the Pollution Prevention Hierarchy above engineered fuel. This pellet is a commodity made of a combination of higher and lower quality plastics that turn it into a usable feedstock for new product manufacturing.

So gather up those Other Flexible Plastics and bring them down to your Local BC London Drugs store. It’s one more step we can take to reduce the amount of waste we send to landfill.

The Great Other Flexible Plastic Packaging Take-Back List (BC Only)
Here’s a more detailed list of Other Flexible Plastic Examples.

  • Plastic shopping bags
  • Plastic bags for bread, produce, dry cleaning, newspapers/flyers
  • Bags for water softener, salt, garden products, etc.
  • Plastic overwrap on diapers, paper towel, feminine hygiene products, flats of canned beverages
  • Plastic overwrap on mattresses and electronics
  • Plastic food storage, sandwich, freezer, and vacuum seal bags
  • Plastic shrink wrap
  • Flexible plastic gift bags and boxes
  • Transparent single-use recycling bags
  • Reusable plastic curbside recycling bags (e.g., yellow bags for Paper)
  • Reusable plastic-only carry-out bags (provided with purchase or purchased)
  • Plastic drop sheet or covering
  • Squishy cushion packaging (polyethylene foam)
  • Plastic bubble wrap
  • Zipper lock pouches for frozen foods (e.g., berries, vegetables, prawns)
  • Zipper lock and tear-open pouches for cannabis product
  • Stand-up pouches for dried fruit and nuts, quinoa, grated cheese, etc.
  • Potato chip bags
  • Crinkly plastic bags for candy, cereal
  • Plastic wrappers for candy, cheese slices, granola bars, etc.
  • Crinkly plastic packaging for dry pasta, pre-packaged deli meats, etc.
  • Flexible plastic packaging with plastic seal (e.g., deli and cheese packaging)
  • Plastic net bags for fruit, onions, avocados, etc.
  • Woven plastic bags for rice
  • Non-food protective packaging (e.g., all-plastic shipping envelopes, air packets, etc.

April 6th, 2022

Incipio, in partnership with CloseTheLoop, announces cell phone and tablet case recovery program at London Drugs.

When upgrading tech, most people know it’s better to securely recycle electronics such as cell phones and tablets. But what about the cases?

Now, there’s a simple waste-reduction solution for those too. Innovative tech accessory company Incipio has partnered with alternative recycling pioneers CloseTheLoop to collect phone and tablet cases from any manufacturer and keep them out of landfills.

Simply drop off your used cases (any brand) in the Incipio collection box at your local London Drugs, located in the tech department near the mobile phone section.

What happens to the cases we collect?

CloseTheLoop will process cases to be dispositioned to an end-of-life solution, whether at a CloseTheLoop facility, through mechanical recycling or through additional partners, each case will be broken down so it can be repurposed. Recyclable material will be used to make entirely new products. What cannot be recycled is repurposed through waste-to-energy processes. All cases are kept from being simply wasted in landfills.

This partnership furthers Incipio’s commitment to providing customers with more sustainable solutions – one day, their goal is to incorporate all recycled cases into their future lines of Incipio product.

In the meantime, London Drugs is proud to help support this initiative, and keep more valuable materials out of our landfills.

For more information, visit the Incipio Recycling page, or

March 29th, 2022

What makes a product ‘greener’?

Eco-friendly, earth-friendly, recyclable, organic, carbon-neutral… how can we know what really makes one product better for the environment than another? Here’s a look at some factors to think about if you want to shop a little greener.

Third-Party Certifications

If you don’t have time to do homework, there are some well established certifications that you can trust to help you out.

B Corporation – A company that is a Certified B Corporation has met high standards of social and environmental performance, accountability, and transparency. If you see this seal on a product you can be sure it is doing a better job in many important areas.

Certified Organic – The Canada Organic label is only permitted on products that have an organic content that is greater than or equal to 95% and have been certified according to the requirements of the Canada Organic Regime. (The USDA 100% Organic standards are similar) This helps ensure products are produced using practices that promote ecological balance, maintain and improve soil and water quality, and minimize the use of synthetic materials.

Fair Trade CertificationThis seal means products have met rigorous social, environmental, and economic standards, including safe working conditions, environmental protection, sustainable livelihoods and community development funds.

Every product has an environmental footprint.

From the raw materials used, to energy, packaging, shipping, and use & disposal of the product itself, there is nothing produced that does not leave an impact on the environment. This chain of activity is called the product lifecycle, and by looking at these different stages, we can start to understand which products might make less of an impact than others. More and more manufacturers are including details about their ingredients, materials and manufacturing on their website or even on the package itself.

Things to look for in the Product Lifecycle:

Recycled Content – Using recycled materials in manufacturing can reduce energy use and impacts on ecosystems.

Organic Ingredients – For food, textiles and other plant-based products, organic production can reduce the need for fossil-fuel-based fertilizers and is easier on ecosystems.

Ingredients of Concern – This is especially important for products that go in, on or around us. Ingredients such as BPA, benzene, formaldehyde, parabens, polyethylene glycol, toluene and others are found in everyday products. Companies that make better alternatives will also generally post ALL product ingredients on their websites. The Environmental Working Group has a great online resource for researching personal care ingredients.

Renewable Energy – Look for products made in facilities powered by renewables such as wind and solar.

Local Production – Products produced closer to home require less shipping, and profits from locally-owned businesses tend to have better community impacts.

Packaging: Reduced / Recycled / Recyclable – Look for packaging that uses recycled materials and can be recycled. The most recyclable plastics are #1, #2, #4 and #5. (Avoid #6, #7 or packages with no number)

Buy Durable, Buy Less – A product designed to last longer is better than one that needs to be replaced every year. Quality counts.

Products designed to Operate ‘Greener’ – The use of a product has its footprint, too.

  • Consider buying rechargeable batteries.
  • Pick up a power bar that lets you completely shut off energy-using appliances.
  • Look for new reusable options in categories like menstrual products.
  • Choose reusable options like Tupperware, over single-use plastics.
  • Use a cold-water laundry detergent. Choose LED light bulbs.

Every choice can make a positive difference.

The Circular Economy is one model designed to minimize waste and environmental impact.

Buy from a ‘Green’ Company

Today’s shareholders are looking for companies that care about the climate and the environment. Many corporations are implementing broad and meaningful Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) plans, covering everything from carbon footprint to diversity and inclusion initiatives. (See B Corporation, above) Visit a company’s website and look for their CSR or Sustainability section. (Example – Unilever Planet & Society) You can also look for companies that contribute to social and environmental causes, such as 1% For the Planet.

As a consumer, when you support companies who are trying to do it better, it’s a win for the whole planet.

Stay positive and keep making those small changes.

Nobody can be a perfect sustainable shopper, but every effort counts. Make a difference where you can, but don’t feel bad if some of your favourite products aren’t as green as you would like…yet. And if you would like them to do better, let them know.

March 15th, 2022

Beauty Recycling Program at London Drugs

London Drugs is excited to be partnering with L’Oréal Canada to launch a cosmetics take back program with recycling leader TerraCycle! Customers can now recycle cosmetics from any brand in the box. The bin of cosmetics will be sent to TerraCycle, who will carefully sort the products to be responsibly recycled. This will help us to achieve our waste reduction goals and commitment to sending zero waste to landfills, as well as educating and helping our customers to recycle!


Q: What is accepted for recycling?

A: Plastic and metal makeup packaging from any brand, as well as glass foundation bottles are accepted. The program does not include skin care packaging at this time, only makeup packaging. Examples of accepted makeup packaging include:

  • Mascara tubes
  • Glass foundation bottles
  • Eyeliner pencils and cases
  • Eye shadow tubes
  • Concealer tubes
  • Lipstick tubes
  • Lip gloss tubes
  • Lip liner
  • Powder cases

Please note that the packaging needs to be empty, as this is a recycling program for makeup packaging only, not the product itself. The packaging should also be washed or rinsed, if possible.

Q: What is not accepted?

A: At this time, we do not accept:

  • Glass makeup packaging except foundation bottles
  • Perfume bottles
  • Nail polish bottles
  • Nail polish remover bottles
  • Aerosol cans
  • Skin care packaging

Q: Are there any sizing restrictions on what can be recycled?

A: No! There are no specific size restriction as long as the products sent back are cosmetics products.

Q: What happens to the packaging after I drop it off in the bin?

A: Once the bins are full, they are sent to a sortation facility in Canada. At the sortation facility, the bins are opened and the packaging is sorted into various material types: plastics, metals, and glass. The different materials are then sent to processing facilities in Canada, where the materials are recycled by being broken down and turned into pellets, or something similar. The broken-down materials are then sold to manufacturers to be used in the production of new products, replacing the use of virgin materials!

Q: Is the packaging actually recycled?

A: Yes. Around 97% of the packaging received will end up being physically recycled. The remaining 3% that cannot be recycled due to contamination or other concerns is responsibly disposed of.

February 18th, 2022

London Drugs has won the Call2Recycle® 2021 Leader in Sustainability Award for our customers returning over 62,000kg of batteries for recycling.


Every year, millions of batteries are used in everything from toys to tech. But if those batteries are just thrown away and end up in landfills, toxic materials they contain can harm wildlife and the environment. That’s why Call2Recycle and London Drugs work hard to collect as many batteries as possible for responsible recycling.

Thanks to YOU, our customers, we have kept a HUGE amount of batteries out of the environment.

In 2020, the pandemic challenged our recycling collection systems, but in 2021, you bounced back, bringing in 62,570kg of batteries to London Drugs stores across Western Canada. That’s about as heavy as 30 average passenger cars!

The Leader in Sustainability Award is granted each year to organizations that display exceptional commitment to battery recycling.

Each year, Canadians recycle more and more of their used batteries with Call2Recycle thanks to the exceptional partnership of organizations like London Drugs,” said Joe Zenobio, President of Call2Recycle Canada, Inc. “With your customers’ support, we have been able to achieve record collection targets year after year, helping to protect wildlife, the environment and our communities by keeping toxic metals out of landfill.”

What kind of household batteries can you recycle at London Drugs?

Almost all types of single use and rechargeable batteries from household products can be returned, including alkaline and lithium AAA, AA, C and D-cells, 9V and button batteries. We also accept dry-cell rechargeable batteries up to 5kg such as the ones found in coprdless phones, laptops, and cameras, including Nickel Cadmium (Ni-Cd), Lithium Ion (Li-ion), and Nickel Metal Hydride (Ni-MH) types. (We cannot accept vehicle batteries, or rechargeable batteries from tools or other larger appliances) Just make sure you tape the terminals, or store each battery in its own bag. For more information on safe battery storage and recycling visit the Call2Recycle website here.

What happens to recycled batteries?

The metals and elements in batteries are reclaimed through industrial processing with partners such at Retriev, located in Trail, BC. Depending on battery type, the raw materials are used in products such as golf clubs, silverware, pots & pans and new batteries.

Help us celebrate National Battery Day – Feb 18, 2022 – by bringing in even more batteries for recycling!

December 29th, 2021

Exploring plant-based foods and products gets easier every year. Welcome to Veganuary!

Veganuary plant based products 2022

The New Year is a time for starting fresh. Few resolutions can make an impact in so many ways as choosing more plant-based products. Whether you are a committed vegan, or are just starting to find out more about it, London Drugs’ Veganuary event is for you.

What is vegan?

The word ‘vegan’ was coined in 1944, originally meaning “non-dairy vegetarian”. Since then, veganism has come to mean ‘a person who does not consume, use or eat any animal products’, and has grown to include subsets of dietary veganism, ethical veganism and environmental veganism. These describe three of the primary benefits of vegan choices:

Dietary Health: Although veganism can require careful planning, many say we can get all of our necessary nutrients outside of animal products. Some studies show vegans are thinner, have lower total and LDL cholesterol, and lower blood pressure.1

Preventing Animal Cruelty: For some, it’s a belief that all sentient creatures have a right to life. For others, affection for animals makes the idea of harming one to put food on their own plate difficult. Whatever the reason, vegan choices are animal-friendly choices.

Reduced Environmental Footprint: Animal agriculture uses a huge amount of land, water and energy. Farmed animals also generate some 14.5% of human-caused greenhouse gas emissions. 2 Plant-based choices lessen these impacts.

Can you be ‘part’ vegan?

Generally, being ‘vegan’ is defined by completely avoiding animal products, but products that are certified as ‘vegan’ can be enjoyed by anyone. Some people decide to eat vegan once a week, others just like to work more vegan products into their lifestyle.

London Drugs Veganuary flyer 2022

Check out these great Veganuary choices.

With over 100 plant-based deals in our Veganuary flyer, it’s easier than ever to choose plant-based. Here are just a few ideas:

Try vegan taco night.

With Ecoideas Spicy Mexican Jackfruit Shreds have a zesty flavor and meaty texture that is a great soy and gluten free substitute for meat in numerous recipes. Pair it with Que Pasa Vegan Taco Shells and you can start a whole new trend!

Warm up with vegan soup.

Go Asian vegan with Koyo Ramen. Slurp these classic noodles in soup or break them up and eat them ‘raw’ in salads or as a fast snack.

Snack it up, vegan style!

Vegan doesn’t mean ‘no fun’! Bite into Healthy Crunch Dark Chocolate Superfoods – just 70% dark chocolate and real fruit. Vego Whole Hazelnut Chocolate Bars make a great pocket-size snack. And if you crave the savory, get a flavor and fiber blast from Solar Raw Kale Chips, in Pink Salt, Cucumber Dill or Better than Cheddar flavor.

Try vegan cleaning power.

Food isn’t the only way to go vegan. Attitude Cleaning Products can take care of all sorts of surfaces, from bathroom to kitchen and beyond. Ecomax Laundry Detergent lets you wash clothes efficiently, effectively and animal-free. And for the purist, Dr. Bronner’s Liquid Soap and Bar Soap bring the power of castile with certified fair trade ingredients and organic hemp oil.

Choose Animal-Free Beauty

There are more and more choices for vegan beauty products. Mad Hippie Skincare is free from cruelty, parabens, petrochemicals, GMO’s and more. Herbatint Hair Colour gives you 100% grey coverage with no ammonia, alcohol or parabens. Province Apothecary is made in Canada, with organic botanicals sourced from all 10 provinces.

This is just the tip of the vegan iceberg. See for yourself just how many choices you have to join the Veganuary movement. It may just become a whole way of life.

1 Source: American Journal of Clinical Nutrition – Health effects of vegan diets

2 Food & Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, Tackling Climate Change Through Livestock:

October 15th, 2021

Don’t be haunted by leftover Halloween candy wrappers! BC customers can bring them in to London Drugs and keep them out of the environment.


Do leftover Halloween wrappers lurk around your home long after Halloween is history? Don’t throw them out! Bring your candy wrappers to London Drugs (BC stores only) and deposit them with Recycle BC’s ‘Other Flexible Plastics’ program.

By collecting your wrappers you are doing your part to keep plastic out of our waste streams. And that can make quite a difference. In the last two years, (2019 and 2020) our BC stores collected over 70,000 kilograms of Other Flexible Plastic Packaging with Recycle BC!

So round up those spooky Halloween candy wrappers, bring them into your local BC London Drugs and drop them in the Recycle BC box provided.

It may even help to get the kids to clean under their beds.


Other Flexible Plastic Packaging Take-Back List (BC Only)

Here’s a more detailed list of Other Flexible Plastic Examples. If you like, you can print off a PDF for handy reference on recycling day.Flexible-Packaging-Take-Back-List

Stand up and zipper lock pouches

  • Bags for Sugars, oatmeals, grated cheese, coffee and pouches with a zipper lock
  • Deli meat and cheese bags
  • Baby food pouches (leave the cap on)
  • Soap refill pouches (leave the cap on)
  • Plastic pet food bags

Crinkly wrappers and bags

  • Crinkly bags
  • Candy bags
  • Chocolate and candy or energy bar wrappers
  • Dried food and pasta bags
  • Wet wipe bags (including with hard plastic dispenser)
  • Cookie bags
  • Cellophane
  • Foil gift wrap (the plastic kind, not metallic ink on paper)
  • Cheese slice bags (please wash them off!)

Flexible packaging with plastic seal

  • Vacuum seal packaging (please clean out any meat packaging)
  • Flexible packaging with plastic seal (Fresh pasta)
  • Flexible lid with rigid base packages (bologna and some deli meats)
  • Woven and net plastic bags (plastic weave, not burlap)

Non food protective packaging

  • Plastic shipping envelopes
  • Bubble wrap
  • Plastic air packets (e-commerce)
  • Plastic bags with non 2-3-4 resin code
  • Shrink wraps on meats (wash them off please!)

October 15th, 2021

Make your baseboard heaters smarter with a Mysa Thermostat and get a $40 rebate from BC Hydro.*

If your home has electric baseboard heaters, keeping it comfortable with energy efficiency is probably a challenge.
That’s why the Mysa Smart Thermostat was invented (right here in Canada!). Now 80% of Mysa customers across North America are saving on their energy bills.** And from October 15 – November 12, 2021, you can save even more with a $40 rebate from BC Hydro.

How the Mysa Smart Thermostat works:

Controlling your home’s heat with a baseboard heater’s primitive dial is inaccurate and inefficient. Install a Mysa Smart Thermostat and start saving energy comfortably.***

  • Mysa displays the room temperature, and touch buttons allow you to adjust it.
  • Group multiple Mysas into heating zones, and control them together through the Mysa app.
  • Use the app to set a schedule for your thermostat in less than a minute.
  • Mysa uses your location to detect if anyone is home, so you’re not paying to heat an empty house.
  • Mysa’s in-depth energy reports let you see how much you are spending – and saving.
  • Going on vacation? Mysa will even save energy while you’re away.

How the BC Hydro rebate works:

Customers can apply for the rebate by visiting and following these steps:

  • Buy your Mysa thermostat at a participating retail partner.
  • Snap a clear photo of the receipt.
  • Submit the e-rebate application within 60 days of purchase.
  • Customers can choose to receive their rebate in the form of a credit on bill, e-transfer or a Visa e-gift card. (Rewards on bill will be applied to BC Hydro bill within 1-3 months, depending on customer’s billing cycle. E-transfer payments may take up to one week. VISA e-gift cards will be administered within 1-2 days)
  • A purchase limit of five qualifying products per customer will apply.


*British Columbia customers only. (Residents of West Kelowna and Penticton are not eligible for the BC hydro rebate, because they are powered by FortisBC)

**Based on a Customer Panel Survey of over 700 Mysa customers across North America conducted in 2020.

***The Mysa Smart Thermostat for Electric Baseboard Heaters works with high voltage electric heat on thermostats with 4 or more wires. You can check your compatibility on the Mysa website here.

September 24th, 2021

Who Wants More Delicious (and Sustainable) Coffee at Home?

Whether you want to stay safe, stay green or just stay in your PJ’s, brewing coffee at home gives you more control over your cup of java. Unlike buying from a take-out chain, you have the final say in where your beans com from, how they are brewed and ultimately the impact on your personal coffee footprint.

Whole Beans

Grinding your own beans fresh just before brewing is the coffee purist’s choice. And what choices you have!


Ethical Bean Choose your blend, from Mellow Medium to Super Dark French Roast. All Certified Organic and Fairtrade, and Proudly Canadian.

Salt Spring Coffee Roasting since 1996, Salt Spring is a Certified B Corp. Certified Organic, Fair Trade, Proudly Canadian

Commercial Drive Give your cup some local flavour. Founded in East Vancouver, working for direct community impact. Certified Organic, and Proudly Canadian.

Pedro’s Family owned and operated for 26 years in Richmond, BC. Certified Organic, and making an impact through 1% for the Planet.

Ground Coffee

For a quicker pick-me-up, you can have the convenience of ground coffee with great flavour and sustainability.

Kicking Horse Certified Organic and Fairtrade quality coffee. Kick it up a notch with the 454 Horse Power dark roast.

Level Ground Coffee that connects with small scale farmers for high quality and real impact. Certified Organic and Fairtrade, Single Origin.

Single Serve Coffee Pods

These little wonders have been a world wide hit, but have also left a huge footprint of disposable pods in landfills. Fortunately, compostable options are now available that let you have your single cup and reduce its impact.

Grana Organic Coffee Capsules (Nespresso Original Line) USDA Organic coffee, biodegradable and compostable capsules.

One Coffee (Kuerig) Organic, Fairtrade coffee in 100% Compostible Pods. Proudly Canadian

Nabob Pods (Keurig 2.0) 100% compostable pods and bag.

Ethical Bean Pods (Keurig 2.0) Great Ethical Bean coffee, Certified Canada Organic and Fairtrade, in 100% Compostable Pods

Coffee Makers

A French press, or pour-over coffee maker is the most environmentally friendly option as it doesn’t have to be plugged in. (Though it won’t keep your coffee warm)


Collection by London Drugs French Press – Black/Silver – 350ml. Stylish, simple and durable.

Chemex Pour Over Coffee Maker A nonporous glass body cleans easily without absorbing odours or residue. Store and reheat your beverage without losing the pure flavour.

Cuisinart Perfect Temp Coffee Maker If you prefer to sip from a pot of hot coffee all day, this machine boasts a reusable filter, auto-shut-off, and a one-to-four cup setting, meaning it’s easy to use in a relatively energy-efficient way.

Philips Series 2200 Automatic Coffee Machine With Cappuccinatore If you want to go big, while buying from a sustainability-minded company, this full-featured automatic machine will make almost any kind of coffee beverage you like. Sip one while reading all about Philips’ sustainability platform, aligned with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. 

However you choose to take your coffee, a little extra thought towards its impact is an even better way to wake up.


May 6th, 2021

Got an old camera and could use an upgrade?  Recycle it or trade it in at London Drugs and see spring through a fresh lens.


Why not get yourself some fresh gear and responsibly get that old camera out of your life at the same time!

Your camera may have trade-in value. Bring it to London Drugs and find out. Our camera trade in program is a great way to move gear along and get savings on the new camera you really want. Simply bring in your gently used photographic device to any select London Drugs location and our LD Expert will evaluate the product and determine its value. Credit will be then issued towards the purchase of a new camera or camera accessory. And you can shop with confidence, with our 15% trade-in guarantee. 
Check our camera trade-in web page for full details.


If your camera is too tired to trade, recycle it responsibly. Like any electronics, it’s a good idea to keep cameras out of our landfills, and let our responsible recycling partners re-purpose their valuable materials. Our photo techs can also help make sure any data carried on your camera is safely destroyed.

Pro Tips Before You Trade-In

  • Charge your battery – So our LD Photo Expert can evaluate your product’s trade-in value
  • Remove memory cards (If applicable)
  • Reformat your camera – By deleting all personal data and reformatting your device to factory default settings. (Don’t worry if you forget, our LD Photo Experts will ensure your device is reformatted after you trade-in)
  • Don’t forget to bring the original charging cables and accessories! – Although this is not mandatory, bringing everything in its most complete and original form will increase your trade-in value.

For full details visit us in store or at

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