Responsible Purchasing

Responsible Purchasing Policy

These days, customers want to know about more than just ingredients.

London Drugs is committed to integrating sustainability criteria into purchasing decisions and engaging with Vendors to maximize environmental and social improvements in our supply chains.  The Responsible Purchasing Policy is a framework that will enable London Drugs to serve our customers better through innovation and continued involvement in the communities we service, while proactively managing supply chain risks and fiscal responsibility.

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Vendor Responsibility Code

We ask all vendors to commit to our basic code of conduct, including commitments on child labour, non-discrimination, environmental responsibility and anti-corruption. You can see a copy of our Vendor Responsibility Code


Vendor Leadership Questionnaire

For brands that go the extra mile towards greater sustainability, we also provide a questionnaire that helps us better understand their benefits and feature them to our green-minded customers. This covers areas including waste reduction and greenhouse gas emissions. You can see a copy of our Vendor Leadership Questionnaire.


What’s the Green Deal Product Program

Our ‘What’s the Green Deal’ product program highlights products we feel have some real environmental benefits. From recycled content to certified organic production, and more. Have a look at some Green Deal products.


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