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The ‘What’s the Green Deal?’ blog offers updates on products, issues and our corporate commitment to reducing our impact. We want to help customers shop a little greener, before, during and after their visit to London Drugs.
Lorne Craig

Blogger Bio – Lorne Craig

Lorne Craig is a writer and blogger whose communications career spans almost a quarter-century. He is President and Creative Director of Unicycle Creative Inc, a marketing consultancy focused on moving sustainable business forward. Lorne is also the author of Green Briefs, a blog focused on green communications issues, and contributes to Sustainable Minds™, a product design think-tank based in Cambridge MA.
Lorne has worked with London Drugs since the start of our What’s The Green Deal program, and has a passion for green products and services. Lorne’s point of view combines lessons learned from trying to live as green a life as possible with healthy skepticism honed by his years in the advertising business.