April 6th, 2022

Incipio, in partnership with CloseTheLoop, announces cell phone and tablet case recovery program at London Drugs.

When upgrading tech, most people know it’s better to securely recycle electronics such as cell phones and tablets. But what about the cases?

Now, there’s a simple waste-reduction solution for those too. Innovative tech accessory company Incipio has partnered with alternative recycling pioneers CloseTheLoop to collect phone and tablet cases from any manufacturer and keep them out of landfills.

Simply drop off your used cases (any brand) in the Incipio collection box at your local London Drugs, located in the tech department near the mobile phone section.

What happens to the cases we collect?

CloseTheLoop will process cases to be dispositioned to an end-of-life solution, whether at a CloseTheLoop facility, through mechanical recycling or through additional partners, each case will be broken down so it can be repurposed. Recyclable material will be used to make entirely new products. What cannot be recycled is repurposed through waste-to-energy processes. All cases are kept from being simply wasted in landfills.

This partnership furthers Incipio’s commitment to providing customers with more sustainable solutions – one day, their goal is to incorporate all recycled cases into their future lines of Incipio product.

In the meantime, London Drugs is proud to help support this initiative, and keep more valuable materials out of our landfills.

For more information, visit the Incipio Recycling page, or CloseTheLoop.com.

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