October 6th, 2017

Hey, BC – it’s time to upgrade to LED lighting. Save 15% on ENERGY STAR® Certified bulbs, October 6th – 27th, 2017.

LED is simply the longest lasting and most efficient lighting technology there is. And now you can save up front as well as in the long run with this great savings program from BC Hydro. Save 15% on select high-efficiency LED light bulbs that will ALSO save you money on your power bills. There may never be a better time to go through your home and upgrade to long-lasting LED quality.

For a look at the bright deals available, see the chart below and check our rebate lighting selection online here. 

But remember, to get your rebate you must shop in-store. So head to your local London Drugs from October 6th to 27th, 2017, and stock up on ENERGY STAR® Certified lighting for the dark winter nights ahead!


15% OFF

Philips 6w = 45w Performance Plus R20 456987

Philips 9w = 65w Performance Plus BR41 457028

Philips 9w = 65w Performance Plus BR31 457051

Philips 8w = 65w Performance Plus BR31 457093

Philips 10.5w = 75w LED PAR30 Dimmable 452615

Philips 10.5w = 75w LED PAR30 Dimmable 452623

Philips 8w = 75w LED PAR30 Dimmable 4635135


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