May 29th, 2019

Drink better water AND reduce your plastic waste; Recycle your Brita filters at London Drugs.

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London Drugs and Brita are making it easier than ever to stay hydrated sustainably. First of all, you are making a real difference by filtering your own water rather than buying it in plastic. One Brita filter can replace as many as 300 plastic bottles.

When it’s time to change the filter, just bring the old one to London Drugs and drop it off for responsible recycling the next time you’re buying new filters. In partnership with Terracycle, Brita filters are collected and recycled into different products or manufacturer-ready raw materials. Since the launch of the program, 10,826 Brita filters have been recycled into affordable, environmentally- friendly products.

So filter out the chlorine odour and contaminants, enjoy fresher tasting water anytime and reduce your plastic footprint. Isn’t that refreshing?

Take a look at Brita pitchers, water bottles, and filters available at London Drugs.


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