April 22nd, 2018

London Drugs Prince George Racks up the Pounds at the Recycling Tour on Earth Day 2018.

Prince George Recycling

As the snows recede and things begin to green up in northern BC, London Drugs Store Manager Christian Schenk welcomed Prince George recyclers to celebrate Earth Day with their annual Recycling Tour event.

Christian and the Prince George London Drugs team have been running this event since 2014, and this years results show the citizens of Prince George are pitching in.

“We received two full recycle boxes of batteries, two full cages of electronics, Styrofoam, cardboard and more,” says Schenk, “Everyone was quite impressed and thankful for our recycling efforts.”

Christian and the Prince George store team are also walking the talk themselves, with a red-hot 97.76% waste diversion rate.

Way to go, Prince George! You are the REAL Green Deal!

London Drugs Recycling

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