March 2nd, 2012

London Drugs store diverts 89% of waste from landfill with Cascades Recovery, and helps close the recycling loop.

Every London Drugs store recycles as much as possible – cardboard, plastic wrap, cans & bottles, etc – along with all the materials our customers bring in, but London Drugs store #9 in Guildford, Surrey, has pushed its recycling to new heights.

Cascades Recovery has developed a handy sorting system that lets our stores more efficiently handle plastics, containers and cardboard to maximize recovery rates. In a recent pilot project, we tracked recovery of waste from four of our stores. They all increased their diversion rate, but Guildford was the hero of the day.

“It’s a great program”, says London Drugs administrator of retail operations Maury McCausland. “Our employees separate recyclables at the store into colour coded bags so separation is easy once the materials get to the plant. This sort of program will help us achieve our target rate of 95% waste diversion from all of our stores by 2015.”

Cascades Recovery offers another green connection as well. They are part of the Cascades Specialty Products Group, manufacturers of the Cascades line of recycled paper products, including bathroom tissue and paper towels sold at London Drugs.

“This means that when a customer brings back cardboard packaging to London Drugs for recycling, they could eventually be buying paper products from us that contain some of that same material.” McCausland continues. “That’s pretty exciting.”

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