October 18th, 2019

Recycle Beyond the Blue Box – a Challenge a Day for Waste Reduction Week.

Most Canadians are now very familiar with local ‘Blue Box’ recycling. But there is a whole list of things NOT covered by municipal programs that you can divert from landfill. If you bought these items at London Drugs (or are replacing them with new items on the same shopping trip) you can bring them to your local London Drugs. Here are 7 ideas, one for each day of Waste Reduction Week 2019 (October 21-27)

Batteries of any kind really shouldn’t end up in the garbage. They contain metals and chemicals that can be toxic and are actually very reusable. Alkaline, rechargeable, AA, AAA, C, D and button batteries can all be dropped off at London Drugs, and you can even bring in specialty batteries from your computer, camera, or other small electronics.

Smoke Alarms
It’s really important to replace old smoke alarms for your family’s safety. But did you know they actually contain a minute amount of radioactive material? Obviously something that should not end up in our landfills! Just bring old smoke alarms to London Drugs when you’re buying a new one and we’ll make sure they are responsibly recycled.

Not only does your computer contain valuable materials like gold, silver and platinum, it also contains your data! Bring it to London Drugs’ technical department on your next computer shopping trip for data-secure recycling. Find out more here.

Cables, Cords & Chargers
Who doesn’t have a drawer full of old attachments for electronics that have long since departed? If you don’t know what it plugs into anymore, and you are buying some new tech, bring it to London Drugs. We’ll make sure it’s recycled right.

Headphones & Speakers
These bits of electronics seem to multiply in closets and cupboards as well. Bring in any old headphones and portable speakers you bought from us and we’ll help make sure any recyclable materials are recovered.

Light Bulbs
From old incandescents to Compact Fluorescents and even LED’s, light bulbs can be recycled to recover glass, plastic, and metal, and properly dispose of any toxic materials. On your next trip to pick up light bulbs, just package up the old ones carefully in a sturdy zip-style bag or cardboard box and bring them to us. You can even bring in fluorescent tubes up to 4ft long.

Medications, Medicines and Vitamins

Whether it’s prescription pills or expired over-the-counter cough medicine, old medications should NEVER be thrown in the garbage or flushed. Water treatment systems are not designed to remove these complex chemicals, and they end up in our waterways and oceans. Bring any unwanted meds and wellness products to your London Drugs pharmacist for safe disposal.

Recycling Rules & Etiquette
Help make recycling work for everyone by following these simple guidelines:

  • Please make sure your recycling is clean
  • Household recycling only – no commercial loads or large quantities
  • Please respect our maximum quantities and any recycling centre closures


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