February 7th, 2011

This cup can make every coffee you drink greener.

I often wonder why more plastic products aren’t made with recycled material. So when I see a product on the London Drugs shelves that is not only made from 100% recycled plastic, but contains 25% post-consumer waste and is STILL certified as food-grade, I have to tip my hat.
Such is the promise of the Sustain® coffee mug by Aladdin. The simple and recyclable paper-wrap label promises to ‘Add a little green to my morning’, then explains, in clear terms, the benefits of this cup: fully recyclable where #5 plastic is collected (Nice that they make the distinction, as not all municipalities make it easy to bring in that particular plastic); BPA Free; and a link to the aladdinsustain website to find out more.
Unfortunately, as of publication time, that web site seems to be unavailable. I did some digging on the main Aladdin website and found a page describing their ECYCLE® plastic. Not much more to be learned there (I really wanted to find out where they source their post-consumer recycled plastic stock) but they did post an address to send your cup for recycling when you are done with it. That info could have been printed on the cup itself for easier reference, but the thought still counts.
In all, a decent recycled product and one that other plastic manufacturers could learn from.
Stay tuned for updates on the plastic source. In the meantime, grab a coffee.

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