December 4th, 2018

Uncle Jack’s Top 10 things you should RECYCLE, not RE-GIFT.

As a reformed re-gifter, Uncle Jack knows it can be tempting to repurpose stuff that may be lying around. So here are his top 10 things you should ALWAYS recycle – by bringing them to your local London Drugs!

Recycle old tube TVs at London Drugs

Old Televisions –Tube style TVs are heavy – that’s because the tubes contain lead. So always bring them in for responsible recycling. Just go to the customer service desk at your local London Drugs and they will let you know where to drop them off in the store. You can also bring in any broken or unwanted flat screens and computer monitors.

Recycle old computers at London DrugsComputers – Besides being slow and outdated, old computers can still contain valuable data, even after you erase the drive. Recycle them at your London Drugs computer department and we make sure the drives are destroyed before they leave the store, and all electronics are processed into raw materials in Canada before shipping.

Printers – Just because it may still work, doesn’t mean its gift worthy. Bring your old printer,scanner or fax to the London Drugs computer department and our recycling elves will take care of it.

Cell Phones – These devices can also carry data, and contain valuable materials that should be repurposed. Drop them off, along with all extra cords and chargers, at your local London Drugs.

recycle old audio equipment at London DrugsYour Old Stereo – From the outdated amplifier to the cassette deck that never did work that well, all old audio equipment can be recycled at London Drugs. How does that sound?

recycle small appliances at London DrugsSmall Appliances – Your hair dryer from 1986 and that blender that doesn’t crush ice any more make bad gifts, but good recycling. Any small appliance with a cord can be dropped off at London Drugs.

Light Bulbs – These would make strange stocking stuffers, indeed. Better to recycle all incandescents, CFLs, LEDs, and even fluorescent tubes up to 4 feet long, at – you guessed it – London Drugs. Oh, and we take Christmas lights, too.

Batteries – Maybe they work, a little bit. Maybe not. In any case, old batteries should NOT be included under the tree. Recycle them with us, along with button-style batteries, rechargeables, and even camera and computer batteries.

Smoke Alarms – OK, even Uncle Jack at his worst would not have re-gifted one of these. But we should mention that smoke alarms actually contain a tiny bit of radioactive material, and need to be disposed of properly. With us.

Styrofoam – No one wants a squeaky surprise in their stocking. Bring all your household styrofoam, from egg cartons to packaging to meat tray (rinsed!) and we will have it recycled into styrene plastic that can be used again.

Want to see what else you can recycle at London Drugs? Visit  to learn more.

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